everybody wants happiness,

nobody wants pain.

but you can’t have a rainbow,

without a little bit of rain.


I know for a fact that when people saw the title on this blog post, you all were like okay; finally, a fairly light topic that she’s writing about…

Oh, well I can’t say I’m all rainbows and sunshine.

I just wanted to write about people’s assumptions on happiness. I wanted to talk about how some people just deduce out of one small smile that you crack, once in a blue moon, that you are happy, and that nothing’s weighing on your mind.

But contrarily, when you are quiet and really have nothing you want to say, you are immediately assumed to be unhappy.


“just peachy”

she muttered.


but even a blind man could tell

she wasn’t “just peachy”.


maybe she was tired

they thought 

and let the matter go.


but you could tell 

it was not just

the lack of sleep,


but more

the destitution 

of hope


and euphoria


that made her 

act the way 

she did.





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