“Expectation is the root to all heartache.” ~ william shakespeare

i never understood

how someone

could just come out and say

” I do not love you anymore.”

right off the tip of their tongue.

So casually.

After all the words and a promise of forever.

After all those memories.

You cannot just stop loving someone.

You cannot just suddenly

wake up one morning

and have a change of heart.


You either love me 

or never did 

in the 

first place…


if you love someone or even think you do, don’t let them go.

tell him how much you like him. how your day feels empty without him poking your shoulder with a pencil during class. how much he makes you smile. how you pretend that his presence pisses the hell out of you just to get a kick out of it, but secretly never want him to leave.

don’t be afraid to give someone your <3,

just because you think he’s going to break it.

because there’s always the possibility that he treasures it

and never lets you go again.


if you don’t love someone. don’t lead them on.

but if you do, don’t hold anything back. 

~ Tahlia ❤



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