what is this feeling. i cannot describe.

Every girl

has that one guy

who she goes back to

heartbreak after heartbreak


nobody knows why,

not even her.

but she just can’t seem to let go.

Because the feeling of seeing him

with someone new

is just not


her faint heart

can endure.


Every girl has that one person in their lives.

That one person who doesn’t just make her feel happy, but makes her feel special, makes her feel like she’s the most beautiful girl on the face of the planet.

And sometimes this feeling of such bliss scares people. Scares them more than you would imagine. Because that feeling of such possessiveness, such happiness, such devotion is not supposed to exist. The power that one person can have over you, the effect they have on you when they’re doing nothing but just giving you that thousand-megawatt smile.

And that small gesture of affection is enough to make you race over the edge.

And even after all the heartbreak, you’ve been through all because of that one wretched person. . . you still can’t seem to pretend like you don’t give two flying fucks about them. Because inevitably, you do, you always will. . .



let me tell you one thing.

You have definitely found the boy who is ‘it’ for you when . . .

he never gets tired of grabbing your butt


even in the most ridonculous situations.


I’m quite the preacher of love, aren’t I?

Especially for someone who is supposedly “phobic to love.”

They say your Prince Charming will somehow find their way to you,

but I think mine got run over by a truck or something.

~ Tahlia ❤


One thought on “what is this feeling. i cannot describe.

  1. Hey lovely. Make sure you have a follow button on your Blog that says follow. The one in the right hand corner is not noticeable, and unless you are a WordPress member, you wouldn’t know what it was for. Much love. xxx

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