I‘ve spent hours 

contemplating what 

I should say to you

but no word that I can conjure up

using the twenty-six alphabets in the English language

could encompass even a sliver,

even a touch;

of this anguish

I seem to feel.


And I just can’t help but think


when I die

from all this guttural angst 

I feel inside of me; 

don’t come to my grave

and say that you love me

cause those three words 

are all the convincing 

that I would

have needed




This is just a small note, you guys.

I’d really appreciate it if all of you could share your thoughts on what you would like to continually read about.

Cause honestly I’m running out of ideas.

Okay, that’s not true.


I just really want you guys to comment on my work, cuz I feel like some of them might not be up to the mark. And who doesn’t want to hear about how awesome their work is. Even if it’s not. 🙂


~ Tahlia ❤


what is this feeling. i cannot describe.

Every girl

has that one guy

who she goes back to

heartbreak after heartbreak


nobody knows why,

not even her.

but she just can’t seem to let go.

Because the feeling of seeing him

with someone new

is just not


her faint heart

can endure.


Every girl has that one person in their lives.

That one person who doesn’t just make her feel happy, but makes her feel special, makes her feel like she’s the most beautiful girl on the face of the planet.

And sometimes this feeling of such bliss scares people. Scares them more than you would imagine. Because that feeling of such possessiveness, such happiness, such devotion is not supposed to exist. The power that one person can have over you, the effect they have on you when they’re doing nothing but just giving you that thousand-megawatt smile.

And that small gesture of affection is enough to make you race over the edge.

And even after all the heartbreak, you’ve been through all because of that one wretched person. . . you still can’t seem to pretend like you don’t give two flying fucks about them. Because inevitably, you do, you always will. . .



let me tell you one thing.

You have definitely found the boy who is ‘it’ for you when . . .

he never gets tired of grabbing your butt


even in the most ridonculous situations.


I’m quite the preacher of love, aren’t I?

Especially for someone who is supposedly “phobic to love.”

They say your Prince Charming will somehow find their way to you,

but I think mine got run over by a truck or something.

~ Tahlia ❤

y u. g e n.

Magic happens when 

you do not give up

even though you want to

. . . 

so badly,

The universe always

falls in love 

with a 





(n.) an awareness of the universe that triggers emotional too deep and mysterious words.

triggers emotional too deep and mysterious words.

and mysterious words.

add this to the endless dictionary of aesthetic words I’m all but obsessed with.

~ Tahlia . ❤




a colour, a skin, an open thought.

It’s the colour of a blank canvas in an art gallery.

it’s the empty space between the lines on a page.

It’s the music sheets without notes during a performance.

it’s the empty space that fills our lives.

with it, we are filled and left limitless.

without it, we are lost in the never ending void of oblivion.

it begins as a pure substance and can easily be tarnished.


it is the cradle of every ending, middle and beginning.


i know I post a lot at once but, bear with me.

I’m on summer break right now and I have a hella lot of free time. sooooo… yup.


Don’t worry I can work with constructive feedback and if you want me to write about something, in particular, feel free to send me a mail or voice your opinions through comments. 😛

~ Tahlia ❤

a word.

“be sure to taste your words

before you spit them out.”


a word is dead
When it is said,
some say

I say it just
begins to live,
that day.

have you ever thought about the finality of uttering a word?

when one says something, we rarely think about how whatever word we utter at that particular second of that particular minute of that particular hour of that particular day of that particular month of that particular year will never come back to us again. once it has been said; it has been said. it’s done. like for example if

like for example if i insult someone by saying,

” you are such a douchebag.”

at that moment all I’m thinking about is insulting that certain someone. im not thinking about how at 9:11 PM on 27 June 2017 i had uttered that particular string of words and that i can never go back in time and say something else.

i could probably apologise to that someone and all would be forgiven, but i cannot go back to 9:11 PM on 27 June 2017 and say anything else.

the saying ” every moment counts. ”  is apt to aid me in what im trying to express.

we should always know exactly what we’re saying and be extremely alert because at one point in time of our lives we are going to run out of time and at that time we should never regret the things we have said and done. . .

it’s funny how even the smallest of things do not lack serenity.

i’m strangely elegiac in ways i did not think possible.”

things you should know about me:

i do not follow the rules of capitilisation. 
[ i never did. this is not because of paper towns.]

i have a bleak outlook on life.
i love all things cliche.
i love black coffEe.
i live for damon fucking salvatore.
i will always listen to comments.
you want me to write about a particular something? tell me.
.that's it.


im fairly boring. anyways.

i don’t believe in true love and all that yadda but i love reading and writing about how fragile love is…

keep reading. i promise you that if you stick with me . . .

i will turn you into a sadistic human being. 

also, notice how my site says ‘atelophobia‘. well that is:

atelophobia (n.)  

the fear of imperfection. the fear of never being good enough.

So, the lesson for today…… don’t aspire to be a perfectionist.